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Staff Information

Stormwater Program Management
Sherill Huun, Supervising Engineer
(916) 808-1455

Monitoring Element
Delia McGrath, Senior Engineer
(916) 808-5390
New Development Element
Hong Lin, Senior Engineer
(916) 808-1449
Construction Element
Commercial-Industrial Element

Humberto Amador, Associate Engineer
(916) 808-5411
Municipal Operations Element

Roxanne Dilley, Assistant Engineer
(916) 808-1458

Public Outreach and Education Element
Illegal Discharges Element

Patrick Sanger, Program Analyst
(916) 808-1726

Data and Program Management

Damien Charléty, Program Analyst
(916) 808-1429

Media & Communications
Jessica Hess, Media & Communications Specialist
(916) 808-8260
Construction Inspections
Frank Petkovich, Construction Inspector
(916) 808-1720