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Stormwater Quality Improvement Plan
(Revised Edition - July 2007)

Download the plan in whole or in part from the links below.
All files in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Cover 162Kb
Certification 194Kb
Chapter 1 Introduction 733Kb
Chapter 2 Program Management 1,483Kb
Chapter 3 Program Effectiveness Assessment 83Kb
Chapter 4 Program Element Implementation 160Kb
Chapter 5 Target Pollutant 74Kb
Chapter 6 Monitoring Program 621Kb
Chapter 7 Regional Public Outreach 65Kb
Chapter 8 Five Year Work Plans 39Kb
Appendices List 9Kb
Appendix A* Annual Work Plans
Appendix B* Sacramento MS4 NPDES Stormwater Permit
Appendix C (Part 1) City of Sacramento Stormwater Ordinance 13.16 45Kb
Appendix C (Part 2) City of Sacramento Stormwater Ordinance 15.88 56Kb
Appendix D Permittee Memorandum of Understanding 1,149Kb
Appendix E Program Element Accomplishments 64Kb
Appendix F Regulatory Background & History 68Kb
Appendix G (Part 1) Industrial Inspection Categories 23Kb
Appendix G (Part 2) EMD Enforcement Policy 74Kb
Appendix H* Proposed Annual Report Format
Appendix I Statement of Legal Authority 2,781Kb
Appendix J (Part 1) Discharge Characterization - Executive Summary 183Kb
Appendix J (Part 2) Discharge Characterization - Table of Contents [CD] 12Kb
Appendix J (Part 3) Discharge Characterization - ROWD Data [CD] 30,271Kb
Entire Report [Minus the components originally provided on CD] 7,901Kb
* [To be included in the final SQIP when the new Order is issued]  

For more information, contact Bill Busath (916) 808-1434 or