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The Sacramento Stormwater Quality Program is pleased to offer the following materials to you at no cost. If you would like information on any of the following items, please check the corresponding box, fill in the required information and click Send! If you prefer, you can print out this form, check the boxes for the information you would like to recieve and mail the completed form to:

Sacramento Stormwater Quality Program
Attn: Patrick Sanger
1395 35th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95822

New Information to Save You Money and Protect Our Environment

  Water Conservation
Water-wise Gardening for California
How to Water Your Garden
Reduce Your Water Use by 10%
Practical Plumbing Handbook
  Care of Trees and Landscaping
Programs and Services
Tree Planting Guide
Grass Cycle! Make the Most of Your Lawn and of Your Time.
How to Prune Young Shade Trees
Resource-Efficient Turf Management
Composting: Nature's Way to Recycle
How to Grow Lawns (Capital Nursery)
Mulching (Capital Nursery)
  Around the Home Waste Products
How to Recycle Used Motor Oil & Household Hazardous Wastes

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