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Pollution Solutions

Click on an Icon below to find out more about Pollutions Solutions in the particular area:

Automotive Care -top-
Maintain your car to prevent fluid leaks.
Recycle motor oil, antifreeze, etc at an automotive center.
Dispose of oil in a curbside motor oil pickup program.
Never hose down spills into the gutter!
Use kitty litter to clean up leaks and spills.

Household Care -top-
Avoid purchasing oil-based paint!
Save and reuse paint thinner and brush cleaners whenever possible.
Rinse water-based paint brushes in the sink.
Oil and water-based paint cans can be put in the garbage once they are empty and dry.
City Solid Waste Program Page
Dispose of unused oil-based paints, thinners, and solvents at a hazardous waste collection event.
Guidelines for proper disposal of pool water.
Poolwater Brochure (.pdf).

Lawn Care -top-
Purchase household and garden products that are "least toxic" to the environment.
See our Pest Control Page.
Apply all household and garden products sparingly.
Always use products in accordance with the instructions on the label.
Do not apply lawn or garden products when rain is forecasted.
Dispose of pesticides or fertilizers at a local household hazardous waste collection event.

Animal Care -top-
Shovel up animal wastes, seal in bags and throw away in a garbage can.
Animal wastes may also be flushed down the toilet.
Horse Manure Management

Trash Disposal -top-
Sweep patios rather than hose debris into gutters.
Place garden refuse at curbside on collection day, without blocking the gutter.