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Horse Manure Management

Horses are a valued part of several Sacramento area suburban neighborhoods.
Good waste management practices help protect our local creeks and streams by preventing the discharge of waste into the storm drainage and stream system.
Horse wastes (manure, urine, soiled bedding) are organic and biodegradable.
However, some of their properties can create conditions detrimental to drinking water supplies, recreational activities, and the environment, if they get into local creeks and streams.
Good waste management practices also create a healthier environment for horses and their owners.

What are Good Management Practices?
Clean up manure and soiled bedding on a regular basis (daily) especially during wet weather.
Protect the pasture's soil and vegetative cover.
Prevent bare areas from forming and allow time for vegetation re-growth.
Keep horses away from creeks and streams as much as possible.
Store manure under cover and away from the storm drainage system and creeks and streams.
For more information on good manure management refer to the California Stormwater Quality Association handbook for suggested practices at Animal Care and Handling Facilities.

How Can I Dispose of the Waste?
Horse waste can be composted and utilized as soil amendment or hauled off-site for disposal.
For information on composting visit the Whatcon County Guide to Composting Horse Manure.
For disposal without composting, ask your local waste management agency for more information.

For information on Good Management Practices and composting visit the Sonoma County Horse Council Education Page.