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The Administrative and Technical Procedures for Grading and Erosion and Sediment Control (January 1994)*
Provides guidance for obtaining grading approval and for designing and preparing erosion, sediment and pollutant control plans; HARD COPY ONLY.
Construction ESC Drawings and Notes

New Development

Stormwater Quality Design Manual (May 2007)* [.pdf]
Includes the post-construction stormwater quality requirements (Table 3-2) and information for selecting and designing source control, runoff reduction and treatment control measures.
Note: Replaces the "Guidance Manual for On-site Stormwater Quality Control Measures" (January 2000).

Stormwater Quality Control Measures Selection Matrix [.pdf]

Runoff Reduction Credit Worksheets: Residential [.xls], Commercial [.xls].

Proprietary Stormwater Quality Treatment Devices

Maintenance Agreements

Stormwater Treatment Device Access and Maintenance Agreement Template [.pdf]
Stormwater Treatment Measure Access and Maintenance Agreement Template [.pdf]

Investigation of Structural Control Measures for New Development (November 1999)
Contains information on the performance of selected proprietary treatment controls.

For more information on New Development, visit the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership.

* Manuals available in hard copy.

For more information, contact Sherill Huun at (916) 808-1455 or at